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EBS Consultants is an industry-leading building regulations consultancy service within the strata, commercial and residential sectors. Our services range in all aspects of the construction life cycle, from development to building defects and existing building remediation.

Our talented and highly professional team of building regulations consultants and project managers foster strategic project plans and advise onNational Construction Code compliance with extensive knowledge of regulatory and legislative frameworks that adhere to the industry’s highest standards.

We are dedicated to ensuring that all community members are provided with a high level of compliance with fire and life safety at the forefront for the life of any building. Our experience and ability to offer solutions to unique situations allow us to be second to none and excel in any project, no matter how complex the building is.

The value of a life cannot be measured

Almost everywhere we, as humans, occupy and spend most of our time eating, sleeping, working, resting when sick or entertaining throughout our lifetime involves using a building. It is fair to state this is where most will spend the time in their life.

EBS Consultants is dedicated to protecting and maintaining health, amenities, life and safety within buildings to protect all occupiers and users. We know that life cannot be replaced or replicated; therefore, we strive to provide the highest levels of professionalism, honesty and integrity to serve the greater community.

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Our Services

BCA + Access

With expert BCA and Access consultancy, ensure your build is safe, compliant, and future-proof.

Defects + Litigation

Bridging the gap in construction quality with expert defect resolution and litigation support services.

Existing Buildings

Elevating safety and compliance in existing buildings with expert fire order management and life safety audits.

Construction Services

Construct confidently: EBS ensures your project meets every safety and compliance benchmark.


Navigating fire safety compliance with precision—AFSS management, consultancy, and strategic 20-year cost planning.

Investigation Audits

Expert fire safety investigation audits, ensuring your peace of mind with comprehensive compliance and hazard prevention strategies.

High-rise Buildings

Who We Help

EBS Consultants stands at the forefront of building regulation consultancy, offering unparalleled expertise to a diverse clientele within the strata, commercial, and residential sectors. We extend our comprehensive services to builders, strata managers, lawyers, government bodies and aged care. We ensure each stakeholder has strategic project plans and informed advice on compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Authentic Solutions

Why Choose Us

Industry Expertise

We have extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements and provide compliant and maintainable systems for the life of a building.

Education & Compliance

We prioritise education and compliance to ensure the highest industry standards are met.

Protect & Maintain

We are dedicated to protecting and maintaining health, amenities, life, and safety within buildings to serve the greater community.

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