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About EBS Consultants

Authenticity in Every Project

EBS Consultants is an industry-leading building regulations consultancy service within the strata, commercial and residential sectors. Our services range in all aspects of the construction life cycle, from the development stage through to building defects and existing building remediation. 

Our talented and highly professional team of building regulations consultants and project managers foster strategic project plans and advise on Building Code of Australia (BCA) compliance with extensive knowledge of regulatory and legislative frameworks that adhere to the industry’s highest standards.

We are dedicated to ensuring that all community members are provided with a high level of compliance with fire and life safety at the forefront for the life of any building. Our experience and ability to offer solutions to unique situations allow us to be second to none and excel in any project no matter the complexity. 

Our Mission

To provide superior building regulations consultancy services by constantly improving through innovation, foresight, and optimum performance. We place emphasis on building a tradition of community and industry trust. For a better tomorrow, we need to start today.

Our Purpose

We know that a life cannot be measured. We strive to be industry leaders whilst giving back to the community. Our purpose is to serve our clients and the greater community with the highest level of professionalism, honesty and integrity.

Our Core Values

Guided by Our Principles


We are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our services, ensuring the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.


We uphold the highest ethical standards, fostering trust and transparency with our clients, partners, and employees.


We continuously seek innovative solutions to complex challenges, staying at the forefront of industry standards and practices.


We strive to be honest, fair and equitable both in the workplace and community.

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