Access for Persons with a Disability

Innovative Strategies for Access Compliance


Are you a lawyer, barrister, or builder committed to creating accessible environments for persons with disabilities? EBS Consultants are here to guide you.

We specialise in interpreting and implementing construction requirements for disability access and adaptable living. Our experience ensures that every project we undertake meets the highest standards of accessibility and compliance.

Imagine creating spaces where everyone, regardless of their abilities, can move freely and comfortably. By partnering with us, you make this vision a reality.

Contact EBS Consultants for your next project and ensure your spaces are not just compliant, but also welcoming and accessible to all.

Transforming Spaces with Accessibility in Mind

Tailored Renovations

EBS Consultants specialise in adapting and renovating spaces to meet the unique needs of individuals with disabilities.

Strict Compliance with Standards

Our projects adhere to AS1428.1, AS1428.2, AS4299, and AS2890.6, ensuring legal compliance and safety.

Skilled Project Management:

We expertly manage upgrades and renovations, from bathrooms to commercial fit-outs.

Accessible Design Solutions

Our designs provide compliant accessible features, considering existing dimensions and construction limits.

Comprehensive Access Audits

We review premises for compliance with the National Construction Code, providing detailed advice and solutions.

Ongoing Support and Advice

EBS Consultants offers continuous guidance to maintain full compliance and adaptability in future projects.

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