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Are you involved in new construction projects and seeking to navigate the complexities of the Building Code of Australia with expert guidance?

EBS Consultants offers a full suite of construction services, specialising in ensuring your new building project meets all safety and compliance requirements.

Envision your project seamlessly meeting all regulatory standards, with the assurance of safety and compliance at its foundation.

Contact EBS Consultants or book a FREE Consult today to ensure your construction project’s compliance and safety. Call us on 1300 300 327 for expert support.

Penetration Matrix and Specifications

Ensuring Integrity in Every Layer of Your Construction Project

EBS Consultants excels in preparing detailed penetration matrixes and specifications, essential for fire safety in new constructions. Our approach guarantees that your project adheres to the highest standards of safety and compliance.

Advantages of EBS Consultants in New Construction Projects

Detailed Penetration Matrix and Specifications

Our specifications detail every aspect of fire-resisting construction, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Comprehensive Fire Rated Construction Inspections

We inspect all fire-rated constructions and service penetrations for total compliance.

Full Certification by Expert Surveyors

Our unrestricted building surveyors provide certification as part of your occupation certificate.

Prevention of Costly Future Rectifications

Our meticulous inspections help avoid future rectification costs by identifying issues early.

Expertise in NCC Compliance

Our team is highly experienced in ensuring that NCC compliance is achieved, mitigating future risks.

Guidance and Advice on BCA Matters

Our qualified inspectors offer valuable insights and advice on various NCC matters while onsite.

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