Fire Order Management

Advancing Fire Safety: Essential Measures for Protection and Compliance


Lawyers, barristers, and builders, are you navigating the complexities of NSW fire safety legislation for your buildings?

At EBS Consultants, we specialise in managing fire order requirements. Our services are designed to address the evolving standards of building safety, ensuring your projects meet the current legislative demands.

Imagine the relief and security of knowing your building is not only compliant with fire safety regulations but is also equipped with the most up-to-date safety measures.

Contact us or book a FREE Consult at EBS Consultants for exceptional fire safety management in your building. Reach out to us on 1300 300 327.

Fire and Life Safety Audit

Ensuring Safety and Compliance with Precision and Care

Looking to ensure your building complies with fire and life safety codes? Our Fire & Life Safety Audit Reports provide the detailed assessment and guidance you need to bring your property into compliance, enhancing safety and peace of mind.

Why Choose EBS Consultants for Fire Order Management?

Expert Specifications and Scopes of Work

Our team crafts detailed specifications and scopes for all fire safety upgrades.

Streamlined Tendering and Contractor Engagement

We manage tendering processes and engage with specialist contractors efficiently.

Council Negotiations and Extensions

Our experience allows us to negotiate effectively with the council for necessary extensions and approvals.

In-House Accredited Certifiers

EBS Consultants has accredited certifiers to ensure all stages of fire order works are certified and compliant.

Comprehensive Fire and Life Safety Audits

Our qualified professionals conduct thorough audits, providing reports with actionable recommendations.

Stress-Free Certification and Compliance

We arrange for all necessary certifications, lifting the burden of compliance from our clients.

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