Investigation Audits

Comprehensive Investigation Audits: Ensuring Accuracy and Compliance


Are you responsible for ensuring fire safety compliance in your building projects or legal cases?

EBS Consultants, a leader in fire services, offers thorough Investigation Audits to help you achieve full compliance with the latest fire safety standards.

Imagine the assurance of knowing your property is thoroughly audited, meeting all fire safety regulations, and safeguarded against potential hazards.

Contact EBS Consultants or book a FREE Consult today to enhance your property’s fire safety. Call us on 1300 300 327 for specialised support.

Penetrations and Essential Fire Safety Measure Audits

Comprehensive Audits for Complete Peace of Mind in Fire Safety

With EBS Consultants, gain confidence in your fire safety measures. Our expert consultants provide both visual and destructive audits, ensuring every aspect of fire safety is thoroughly checked and compliant.

Why Choose EBS Consultants for Your Fire Safety Needs?

Comprehensive Safety Feature Reviews

We conduct in-depth reviews of all fire safety aspects including evacuation procedures and firefighting equipment.

Customised Compliance Plans

Our consultants develop tailored plans to address any areas of non-compliance.

Expert Destructive Penetration Investigations

We offer specialised penetration investigations to identify potential fire spread paths.

Informed Decision Making

Receive independent reports that provide valuable insights for informed decision-making about fire safety.

Visual and Destructive Audit Options

Our range of audits covers all essential fire safety measures, tailored to your specific requirements.

Negotiated Audit Scope

We ensure that the audit covers precisely what is needed, avoiding unnecessary expenditure.

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