Location: 44 Gerrale Street, Cronulla, NSW 2230

Service Type: Passive Fire Certifier

Project Summary

Situated along the vibrant shoreline of Cronulla, Salt represents a pinnacle of sophisticated development. This exclusive residence embodies a harmonious fusion of coastal charm and contemporary design, offering residents a lifestyle defined by luxury and convenience. The architectural prowess of Salt is evident in its sleek lines and thoughtfully crafted spaces, providing an exquisite backdrop to the stunning Cronulla landscape. As you step inside, each residence within Salt is a testament to meticulous attention to detail, boasting high-end finishes and panoramic views that capture the essence of beachside living. Beyond the private confines of each dwelling, Salt extends its allure with communal spaces that encourage community engagement and relaxation. Experience the epitome of seaside living at Salt – a haven where the rhythm of the ocean meets the pulse of modern luxury.

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